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OrderBarn Chrome Browser Extension

The OrderBarn Chrome Browser Extension app like our OrderBarn Mobile App, integrates with 100's of popular shopping websites in Europe and the US enabling our members to shop and have their items delivered to them anywhere in the world. It acts as a smart personal shopping assistant making the shopping experience seamless and effortless. The extension is a light-weight software that sits within your Chrome browser. It will monitors your browsing experience and notifies you once you are on a shopping site it is compatible with. It is designed to enhance your browsing experience and to make shopping easier.

The OrderBarn chrome browser extension offers the following features:

24/7 shopping on the go

The OrderBarn chrome browser extension bring 100s of global retail store to you via the Chrome browser on your computer. With the aid of Chrome notification, you never have to miss a deal. You can shop 24/7 from anywhere in the world and have your items delivered to you locally.

Universal shopping cart

Add your favourite shopping items from multiple websites into a single universal shopping cart and checkout from a single location. You don’t have to provide your payment information on multiple sites or maintain login details for multiple websites.

Global wishlist

The OrderBarn global wishlist allows our members to create a personalised collection of items of interest from multiple retailers and save them in a single location for future reference or purchase. Members can easily access their wishlist from any device or location.

Price comparison

The OrderBarn chrome browser extension integrates with the OrderBarn member’s portal to provide price comparison across multiple retailers. It searches and compares prices across multiple retailers to find alternative sources of purchase and better deals.

Price alerts

OrderBarn chrome browser extension automatically tracks the items in your wishlist and notify you of any price changes. It allows our members to monitor the price trends of their items and empower them to plan a purchase strategy.

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